Return Policy

The products that are listed on the website of One Stop Shop can be returned within the mentioned time and frame except for the ones that have a mention of ‘non-returnable’ or ‘no return’. The return filed will only be accepted in the case of:

  • The product being physically distorted or damaged
  • If the product has any missing accessory or part
  • If you receive a product which is different from the one which is shown

If there is any issue with the electronic gadgets like refrigerators, air conditioners, tv, any home appliance, or smartphone and laptops then, we might send a technician to fix the issue. You will not be eligible to file a return if:

  • The product has been used by the customer
  • If the product was fine in condition but was damaged after you took possession of it
  • If the billing documents are missing
  • The return is not filed within said time and frame